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About TRIP-Link

TRIP-Link is not your standard volunteer driver program. TRIP-Link is a special self-directed mileage reimbursement transportation service.

TRIP-Link is a rider-focused service that has minimal infrastructure and costs far less to operate than other volunteer driver model services. The service can be a low-cost way to meet or expand transportation services to our most vulnerable populations. Most importantly, TRIP-Link delivers a high level of client satisfaction.

We developed the TRIP-Link program so that volunteers can provide transportation for people without the ability to get where they need to go in any other way. This easy-to-use and reliable transportation service helps to keep vulnerable populations from being isolated or homebound and connects individuals with health and community resources.

TRIP-Link is currently free for people living in our very rural communities in Chelan and Douglas Counties. For more information regarding TRIP-Link boundaries, please call (509) 664-7630 or visit us online at

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if
I am eligible?

You may be eligible if you live outside of the Link service area and are unable to drive yourself places.

How can I apply?

You can apply by calling the Trip-link office at 509-664-7630 or by mailing in a completed application. Applications can be found on our website. 

Who will drive me
on my trips?

Trip-link is a self- directed program.  You will recruit your driver and arrange your trips.  For example: You may choose a neighbor, friend, relative that does not live with you, ect. You arrange your trips according to your needs and your availability.

How do I get paid? 

You will document on the mileage form we provide to you how many miles each trip totals and submit your miles reimbursement form to us at the end of each month. We will mail you a check to reimburse you for the miles your volunteers drove. You will pay your volunteers their reimbursement after you receive your check. WE DO NOT PAY THE DRIVERS DIRECTLY.

Click PDF icon to see the full list of Frequently Asked Questions for TRIP-Link.

Seleccione el documento PDF para respuestas frequentes sobre el programa TRIP-Link.

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